Á Santiago Durán - Arquitecto técnico, aparejador, técnico PRL y formador

Santiago Durán has experience as Building Engineer since 1999.

He has performed several kind of Projects, either from public or private initiatives:

  • Housing
  • Offices and malls
  • Religious, administrative, and caring buildings
  • Hospitals & educational buildings
  • Recreational and sportive buildings, hotels
  • Industrial buildings
  • Underground parkings

MASTER in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies (MDI) at Escuela Arquitectura Madrid (UPM). 

Project Management, Technical advisory, or full management of construction and rehabilitation projects in real estate. Service based on experience, knowledge, responsability, efficiency and efficacy.

We provide services for Individuals, Companies, Architects and Official Bodies, in projects of all kind, single and collective, free and subsidized housing, offices and malls, religious buildings, care and administrative buildings, hospitals and educational buildings, recreational and sports buildings, hotels, industrial buildings and underground parkings.

Technical and economic management of construction and rehabilitation projects at all stages. Knowledge of LIDER, CALENER, and CE3X software.

European Energy Manager, (EEM) to study of energy improvements in the design, installation and construction for both new construction and rehabilitation of buildings.

Expert Reports, Prevention of occupational risks, Project Monitoring, Facility Management, Proyectos Arquitectura, Restoration, Patrimony, Viability Reports, Energy Efficiency Rehabilitations, Estimations.

Teacher of Budgets and Measurements with the Presto Foundation Program for Fundación Laboral la Building & el Colegio Aparejadores, teaching small business, project managers and related workers and business.